Journal Entry #23 – Sora and Shiro are Gone

I really liked having a best friend. I felt like I’d found someone who understood what I understood about life, feelings and what it is to be alone. I felt like I could take on the world after that. We were Sora and Shiro and we were inseparable and invincible. But that’s all gone now. I feel silly for even asking to make plans. Because I’m not a real friend am I? Not one that can be physically touched. Nor one that you can go to the movies with. Or go and eat food at Pizza Hut with. Those things never used to matter to us. They still don’t matter to me. But they do to him. We used to have dedicated nights for just us. Now it’s forgotten. Before, I knew I had someone who was always there to talk to and help me if I needed it. But now I feel like a pretend friend. It used to be us. Now it’s just me. Now I can no longer say I have a best friend. I guess I misunderstood from the start. I jumped the gun and thought it would always be that way. But it isn’t. And I have to start being realistic about it.  Every time I try and suggest spending time together, it ends up evoking some sort of disagreement.

RIP Sora and Shiro. Forever apart, together in heart.


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